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Island Resorts

An island resort in the Maldives is a secluded hotel on its own island, with its populace being just the tourists and its staff.

Mostly the islands are less than a kilometer in width and length and are composed of sand and coral to a height of about 2 metres above the sea level. In addition to its beach encircling the island, each island has its own house reef which serves as a coral garden and natural aquarium for scuba divers and snorkelers and protects the island from the ocean waves and the tidal currents outside. The turquoise shallow water enclosed by the house reef, which is called the ‘lagoon’ serves as a large natural swimming pool bordering the pristine white sandy beach.

The accommodation units of resorts can be mainly categorised into two types - Beach Villas and Over Water Villas. Some villas and suites are specially designed and each equipped with its own extra bit of luxury like watching the sunrise right from your bed.

We offer a unique, inspiring collection of independent and member hotels of renowned international and local chains. Each resort of our portfolio is hand-picked for its unique flavor, popularity and its commitment to world class guest experiences. Be it budget accommodation, exclusive hideaways or ultra luxury accommodation, it allows you to book with confidence for accomplishing your Maldives dream.

The key to an all-encompassing holiday in Maldives is picking the right resort, the one that suits your demands the best, and still keep it affordable.

Whether you are a self-booker or a Travel Consultant, we are delighted to serve you with our bespoke resort booking service with its user friendly search tools and comprehensive hotel information that guarantees the convenience and the capacity in finding your right accommodation at the best prices and discount offers.