Caring for your comfort

Take to the seas and skies around the atolls with our exclusive private transfer services and the expert solutions we provide for all your local transportation requirements.

We offer private individual and group transfers to locations within Maldives as a charter operator of boats, seaplanes and domestic flights, and also operate as an Agent who could confirm bookings on scheduled regular transfers. We know that planning and getting your logistics in an unfamiliar setting can be difficult. Use our local knowledge to make sure you have a seamless experience with your travel plan in Maldives.

We provide a range of transportation services to our individual and corporate clients.

Speedboat transfers

It can be great fun riding in the speedboat as it cuts through the bright blue water towards your destination. We arrange private speedboat transfers to nearby resort islands and inhabited local islands from the Airport. Other requirements that we cater to include resort inspection trips, excursions, picnics and snorkeling trips.

Domestic flights

If your island resort is too far to reach by seaplane, or have to travel outside the hours of seaplane operations, then you can consider flying by domestic flight to the nearest local airport to your destination. You will then be transported by speedboat from the local airport to your island.

We assist with your bookings on scheduled regular domestic flights and also organise charter flights for transfers.

Seaplane transfers

Seaplanes are an exciting and the most efficient mode of transfer to reach your distant destination in the Maldives. It is a great experience to take a seaplane as it is always amazing to see the endless islands with colourful reefs and lagoons from the sky as it is just so picturesque.

With the world's largest fleet of seaplanes, Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) as well as Maldivian Airlines and Manta Air presently operate flights from Malé International Airport to island resorts.

We assist with your bookings on scheduled regular seaplane transfers and also organise seaplane charters for resort transfers, scenic photo flights and flights as part of custom itineraries.

Luxury Yacht transfers

Enjoy your luxury yachting experience with our committed luxurious yachting service to our corporate and individual clients.

Chartering a private yacht is not only ideal for honeymooners, couples and families but it is also an excellent choice for larger groups that want to enjoy luxurious sailing together.

Dhoni transfers

Dhonis are multi-purpose sail boats and is one of the oldest known sea vessels in the Maldives. Traditionally dhonis were with lateen sails. A dhoni resembles a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel. Today's dhonis are motorised and used for short distance passenger transportation as well. It can sail at a speed around 20 km per hour.

Dhonis can be chartered for short distance trips, group excursions, fishing trips, excursions such as island hopping, picnics, surfing and snorkeling trips.


As part of a transport infrastructure development program in Maldives there are two types of regular ferries for public transport that are now in operation.

The 'Atoll Ferries' travel between islands within a single atoll. The 'Male Ferries' are operated to the capital Male from remote locations and vice versa.

Additionally there are regular speedboats operated to ferry passengers between the capital Male and one or more remote inhabited islands.

All these public ferries are operated on scheduled times. This mode of transport is more economical, and we assist our clients with bookings on it as per their requirements.

Our transport services are handled by dedicated, highly trained team of professionals who are committed to providing personalised service for an unforgettable travel experience.