Maldives Surfing

Rise and shine with waves

The Maldives surf season officially begins in April and ends in October, though it is common to observe epic early season waves in March. The biggest swell in Maldives generally peak in July and August although so do the crowds at the most popular breaks. During this time surfers can expect consistent waves between 3 to 10 feet.

Surfing in Maldives is most suitable for intermediate or experienced surfers as most of the surf breaks are located off shore on coral reefs. There are a number of surf schools in Maldives where Surf Guides will take inexperienced surfers to beginner friendly waves. 

As an island nation, Maldives surf breaks are susceptible to extreme tides and strong currents. In preparing for your Maldives surf trip, it may be necessary to do some surf fitness training before arriving in Maldives.

Maldives has over 20 surf spots all located over hundreds of kilometers of coral reefs.

The four main surfing regions in the Maldives are:

  • The North Malé Atoll (Most popular and closest to main airport)
  • South Malé Atoll (A wide range of surf breaks catering from beginner friendly to experienced surfers)
  • The Central Atolls (A mixed bag of goodies; barrel sections, point breaks and less crowd)
  • The Southern Atolls (Empty line ups and great swells)

North Malé is quite popular for its close proximity to the Malé airport and its consistent swells. The area often becomes crowded during the peak of the Maldives surf season. Venture a little further to the South Malé, Central or Southern Atolls and you will discover empty line-ups. 

Following is a comprehensive breakdown of all the best Maldives surf breaks by region.

Surf breaks In North Malé Atoll

North Malé Atoll has some of the very best surf breaks. Generally the atoll has the most consistent swells.

Cokes Right Experienced surfers None
Chickens Left Intermediate surfers None
Sultans Right Intermediate surfers None
Jails Right Intermediate surfers None
Honkeys Left Intermediate surfers None
Ninjas Right Beginner friendly None
Pasta Point Left Intermediate surfers Cinnamon Dhonveli
Lohis Left Experienced surfers Adaaran Hudhranfushi

The surf breaks in this region of Maldives are mostly for intermediate or experienced surfers, although on some days these surf breaks are beginner friendly. There is a large choice between right and left hand waves. ‘Pasta Point’ located at Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort and ‘Lhois’ at Adaaran Select Hudharanfushi are the two exclusive surf resorts in this region.

North Malé Atoll has many cheap Maldives surf trip options. There are many cheap and affordable Maldives surf hotels and guesthouses, especially on Thulusdhoo Island. Thulusdhoo Island provides surfers with direct access to Cokes surf break from land and Chickens surf break is just a short transfer across the island’s lagoon. Thulusdhoo Island is a short boat ride away from other neighbouring surf breaks within North Malé Atoll.

Surf breaks in South Malé Atoll

In South Malé Atoll there are surf breaks suitable for all levels of surfers from beginners to experts. The waves in the South Malé Atoll generally attract slightly smaller swell than the breaks in the North, however when conditions align South Malé will challenge even experience surfers. There are consistent swells here during the Maldives surf season and often fewer surfers.

Quarters Right Beginner friendly/Intermediate (Inside Section) None
Tucky Joes Left Expert None
Twin Peaks Left Advanced None
Twin Peaks Right Beginner/Intermediate None
Rip tides Right Beginner/Intermediate None
Foxys Left Expert None
Kandooma Rights Right Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Holiday Inn Kandooma

Holiday Inn Kandooma is the exclusive surf resort in the region. Guraidhoo Island is a great local island to stay at for a cheap Maldives surf trip, plus it has direct access Rip Tides and Foxys. It is only a short boat ride away to other surf breaks within the area.

Surf breaks in central atolls

Venture to the Central Atolls on your Maldives surf trip and you will discover many uncrowded Maldives surf breaks. Surfers can expect a great selection of waves for all levels of surfers, plus a variety of waves from point breaks to barrel sections to mechanical reef breaks.

F1 Right Expert None
Mushroms Right Beginner/Intermediate None
Outside & Inside Mikados Right Beginner/Intermediate None
Finnimas Left Intermediate None
Ying Yang Right Intermediate to advanced None
Machines Right Intermediate to advanced None
Kasabu Right Beginner/Intermediate None
Refugee's Rights Right Expert None
Vodi Left Intermediate Niyama Resort

Time your Maldives surf trip just right and you may just have the best surf trip of your life. The main way to explore the surf breaks of the Central Atolls is by live-aboard. This gives surfers the flexibility to travel between breaks according to current surf conditions. Six Senses Resort Laamu has a well-experienced surf team who will take you to discover the nearby surf breaks such as Ying Yang, when staying at this luxury resort. We offers the best rates to Six Senses Laamu and many live-aboards in Maldives.

Surf breaks in southern atolls

The Southern Atolls are the most secluded of all Maldives surf breaks. The waves here receive the most swell, as the area is open to the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Laccadive Sea. Waves in this region are considered fast and powerful and are for mainly experienced surfers.

Beacons Right Expert None
Blue Bowls Right Intermediate to advanced None
Love Charms Left Advanced None
Five Islands Right Advanced None
Tiger Stripes Left Advanced None

Surfers who make the journey to this region are likely to discover empty surf breaks. Surfers often define the waves here as some of the best surf breaks in Maldives. The surf breaks in the Southern Atolls provide endless opportunities for fast hollow barrel riding.